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Question you should ask at PTM ( Parent Teacher Meeting )

Many times, a meeting is being scheduled between parents and teachers to evaluate the child's performance in academics.  Most of the parents aren't satisfied from that meeting. It may be because many doubts aren't cleared by the teacher or maybe because of improper planning before the meeting. 

So to guide parents before attending 'Parent-Teacher Meeting', I would like to list down the questions that parents need to ask to evaluate their child's performance in school. 

1. How is my child behaviour? 
It is necessary to ask this question because the teacher knows better about the child's behaviour as they spend most of the time in school with friends and teacher. The child's behaviour might be good at home but we must verify this with the teacher. 

2. Is my child socially engaged? 
Apart from academics, it’s necessary to know your child's interaction with other students. It is necessary to know whether your child performs well socially or not because this skill of social engagement will play a major role in personality development in future. 
The skill to communicate efficiently with others must be developed to cope up with this competitive world.

3.  According to you, how my child performs in academics? 
It is necessary to check your child's academics, but after knowing the results, parents must not compare them with other students. This report can help the parent to pay more attention towards their child. 

4. What do you think, my child is good at? 
You can expect many answers for this question from the teacher. It can be related to academics as well as to extra-curricular activities. 
You must concentrate on both the sides as well as it plays an important role in personal development. 

5. What are my child's strength and weakness?
Only a teacher can know more about your child's abilities. His behaviour with others, personality traits are being recognized by teachers via many events held within the school. 
Many activities such as storytelling, essay writing, drama, dance, drawing exam and some competitive numerical exam can determine an individual's skills. 
That's why only a teacher can know more about your child's traits and it is necessary for a parent to know about this. 

6. Does my child need more attention in anything? 
No one is perfect. There can be some flaws in a child which should be fixed within that period only. It can be related to social activities or academics. Parents must know about the flaws so as to fix it. 
Plus, if your child is good in any activity, then it should be encouraged by parents. So you can expect answers in positive as well as in negative aspect. 

7. So can you tell me about your teaching technique so that I can adapt them to assist my child with studies at home? 
Well, this can be a technique to know about the teacher as well. It is necessary to know about the teaching technique of that teacher. You must know under which type of environment your child is studying. 

8. What can I do more to communicate friendly with my child? 
Parents can take teacher's guidance to know more effective communication techniques with the child. As teacher spends most of the time with students in the class, they know better communication techniques to connect with students. So don't hesitate to ask for help from teachers. 

9. What are the things that should be taken care of? 
Things related to academics and non-academics must be treated equally. You can consult with teacher related to child's traits which should be improved. Plus the homework completion, attention in class and many more things should be known by a parent. 

10. May I get your contact?
Parents must always exchange contact with their child's teacher. If in case of any doubt or any trouble your child might be facing, then the parent can directly contact the teacher and can schedule next meeting with them. 

So these were the essential question that every parent must ask during PTM ( Parent Teacher Meeting). This will not only focus on child's performance but parents will get to know whether their child is in a good environment or not. The communication between parents and teachers can also be improved by scheduling such meeting. 

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