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How to teach your Kid about Good Touch and Bad Touch?

Nowadays, with the increase in rates of child abuse and rapes, it is important for a parent to guide some safety precautions to their child. 

Though every child seemed to be in a safe environment, the situations are not always what we see. Your child may come in contact with some evil-minded people whose intentions are not right. So to make sure your child stays away from such people, below are some guideline that a parent must follow to ensure their child's safety and teach your kids about good touch & bad touch.



1. First thing that parents must be wondering is "How to start a conversation"

Well, it is advisable that you should have one-to- one communication with your child to discuss this topic. Initially, we should make the child comfortable with having daily talks and getting information about his/her friends and teachers.


2. Make your child the owner of their own body

Try to explain to your child that they are the owner of their body.Make them aware of their private parts which are only meant to be touched by them only.Convince them if anyone tries to touch their area, they have the right to avoid these people. If any touch makes them uncomfortable, then immediately try to get away from such people.


3. Introduce them to different behavior of people

Make your child aware of the different behavior of people. Try to understand your child that if a person is touching their body again and again plus trying to move hands all over their body, then it’s better to stay away from such people. Your child may come in contact with some people who will try to be friendly with them but it can turn into a trap. Let's say, a random person may approach your child, offering some chocolates or any foodstuff and in return, they will find a chance to touch them or even try to rape them by taking them to any deserted area. During traveling on a public bus or any public transport, your child may face such strangers that will offer their lap to your child to sit on. But these people will surely take advantage of this situation and try to move their hands over the child's body. So it's better to give your child the idea of such strangers.


4. Good touch vs Bad touch

Introduce your child what good and bad touch actually mean. Good touch generally involves shaking hands but if that handshake last too long plus that opposite person try to feel your hand, then this action changes to a bad touch. Explain your child that it’s okay if parents or grandparents are giving bath to them and cleaning their private parts. But if some other person is forcing them to take their bath and coming in contact with private parts only then it’s a ‘bad touch’. So you can take such examples to teach your child about such touch. 


5. What should they do if they experience bad touch?

The best answer to say NO to that person who is doing such activities. Parents must give their child the confidence that no matter what happens with them, they should be able to share those things with them. For this, a friendly behavior is necessary with the child. Convince the child that if they experience such bad touch near them, then they should first share it with you (parent).




Parents might face various questions from child during these conversations, such as

*Why are you telling me this?

Ans: To ensure your safety


*What is the necessity?

Ans: To recognize the people around us.


*What should I do if anyone accidentally touches my private parts?

Ans: It's okay if it is done accidentally by your friends while playing or anyone near you. But

if that person touches that part again and again then you should stay away from it and must

inform me first.


These were some questions from child's perspective but the parent may encounter more questions which are to be answered in a proper way.


So these guidelines will help you to make your child aware of such touches plus it will strengthen your relationship with your child. The main thing to keep in mind is to maintain friendly behavior with the child and always

start from some random topics and later on come to this main topic.


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