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Guidelines to ensure child’s safety in School Bus

Our schools have made every facility for their students, from picking up from home in the morning to dropping them to their respective houses after school ends for the day. This transport facility not only save time of parents but also ensure the safety of each child. Rather than personally dropping and picking up their child from school, parents can confidently send their child to school via School buses. 
But there are some points which are to be considered while sending your child to such School Buses to ensure child's safety.
1. Parents must ensure that any mode of transport arranged by the school authorities is legal. 

2. To validate that the school bus is authorized or not, parents must always check the bus appearance.
This involves checking of many aspects such as:-
* The school bus must be painted in yellow colour with school name displayed on both sides of the bus.
* The word "School bus" must be written on front and back of the bus. 
* Details of the driver (name, address, license number, badge number) and contact no. of school or owner of the bus, Transport Department's helpline number and Registration number of the vehicle must be displayed appropriately inside and outside the bus in contrast colour. 

3. Along with the exterior appearance, parents must visit the school bus at least once to check its interior too. 
The school bus must have the following things for the safety of children:
* The school bus must have first aid box.
* There should be a space to place bags, maybe under the seat or at any comfortable place in the bus. 
* The school bus shall not be fitted with curtains or glasses having films. 
* School bus must have proper lighting inside.
* Activities done inside the school must be visible to outside world.

4. In addition to the driver, a school bus must have a conductor who will look after the children while the bus is been driven by the driver. 

5. If in case any violation is done by the driver or any other staff of school bus, then parents must note it down and report this to school authorities or the concerned State authorities immediately. 

6. The school bus must have a lock enabled door and parents must look whether the door is been closed after the child gets into the bus. 

7. To discuss more related to safety aspects of children, parents must involve in PTA meetings regularly. 

8. Parents must play a role of vigilant observer to ensure child's safety while sending them to school via School Bus. 

These were some basic points which should be considered by parents while sending their child to school by means of School Bus. Plus to know more about the environment in the bus, parents need to communicate with their child and in case of any doubts, they should approach school authorities or discuss in PTA meetings. 

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