Question you should ask at PTM ( Parent Teacher Meeting )

Many times, a meeting is being scheduled between parents and teachers to evaluate the child's performance in academics.  Most of the parents aren't satisfied from that meeting. It may be because many doubts aren't cleared by the teacher or maybe because of improper planning before the meeting. 

So to guide parents

Guidelines to ensure child’s safety in School Bus

Our schools have made every facility for their students, from picking up from home in the morning to dropping them to their respective houses after school ends for the day. This transport facility not only save time of parents but also ensure the safety of each child. Rather than personally dropping and picking up their child from school, parents c

How to choose right school for your child?

With the increase in competitions among students, it's very important to determine the best school for your child. Though every school is giving their best facility in terms of infrastructure, teaching staff, transport facility, extracurricular activities. etc., it becomes essential to determine the perfect school for your kid.

How to teach your Kid about Good Touch and Bad Touch?

Nowadays, with the increase in rates of child abuse and rapes, it is important for a parent to guide some safety precautions to their child. 

Though every child seemed to be in a safe environment, the situations are not always what we see. Your child may come in contact w

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